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When we grow, life is better. That's why my purpose is to make growth simple.

Would you like to know how to change the way the company is managed to get 30-40% Y/Y growth and have fun along the way? Wouldn’t it be nice to do it without the need to work additional hours, which you probably lack even on weekends now?


Karol Popa is a certified Scaling Up business coach who brings the latest methods of scaling companies proven in practice by visionary leaders all around the globe. Under his guidance, you can develop innovative strategies, execute on them without the drama and increase your company’s cash flow, profitability and valuation. 

I’m a Scaling Up Business Coach and Certified Gallup Clifton Strengths Coach. My purpose is to make growth simple. I help CEOs and their executive teams create a clear vision and a plan on how to achieve it. Working with companies from the technology sector, I use Scaling Up methodology along other tools such as Net Promoter Score, OKRs framework and Gallup Clifton Strengths to help leaders scale their business.

I’m also a shareholder and a former member of the board in a mid-market tech company delivering cloud based solutions for enterprise contact centers. Before that, for over 15 years, I worked as a creative strategist for brands such as Orange, P&G, ING, Castorama, Fiat, Samsung, Prudential, HBO, or EY, to name a few. My role was to help clients create a communication strategy for their products and services. I participated in the creation of advertising campaigns awarded EFFIE and KTR statuettes. These projects were carried out for the leaders of diverse industries in B2B and B2C markets.

I’m a growth enthusiast. I love to acquire new, useful knowledge and help others use it. I’m an activator who provides the energy needed to turn an idea into action. My Clifton Strengths are Strategic, Activator, Learner, Responsibility, and Relator.

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