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AAA Scaling Up Virtual
Business Growth Workshop

Are you a leader of a mid-market company with an ambition to grow your business faster but currently struggling to find the most effective way?

Join my workshop on a scaling-up framework where I’ll share proven methods of growth used by over 2,800 firms worldwide. This virtual event is for you and your leadership team so you can discuss, debate, and decide what is the next step to scaling your business.

“The Next Domino” is a workshop designed to help you discover what your next step in scaling your business should be and provides you with the tools and an action plan you can implement in the next 90 days.

I’ll cover the four main decisions that you need to get right in order to scale up successfully. These are decisions around your people, decisions around your strategy, decisions about how you execute well, and decisions about your cash.

PEOPLE: Recruitment, onboarding, coaching & culture: Attract, retain and engage A-Players to help you scale faster.
STRATEGY: Your Core (Purpose, Core Values, BHAG, 3HAG), Core Customer, Positioning, and Differentiation. Learn how to create and bring your strategy to life.
EXECUTION: Prioritizing, Metrics, OKRs combined with the latest meetings design methods sets you free to step on to the path of rapid growth.
CASH: Get your cash flow, profit margins and KPIs set to fund the growth you crave using our simple cash tools.

Why is this workshop unique?
It’s not just about learning, it’s about implementation. You’ll have more time to dig in and get more of the work done with your leadership team along with the support of a certified Scaling Up coach. That means bigger, faster results for your business.

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